Therapeutic Modalities utilized at Shiatsu Therapy Plus+ in Bucks County, PA

Shiatsu ( Acupressure ), Thai Massage and Stretches, Trigger Point Therapy, Qi-Gong, Specific muscles targeted exercises, Meditation, Mineral Hair Analysis with suggestion of Diet and Vitamin and Mineral supplements - these are modalities used in our treatments.

At Shiatsu Therapy Plus+ we employ balanced combination of Eastern and Western approaches to help you to achieve your goals on the way to vitality, flexibility, and freedom from pain, contentment and sense of wholeness.

What is Shiatsu? Shi - `a - tsu is a Japanese word meaning "finger pressure". Shiatsu holds its theoretical ground in Oriental Medical Theory. Sometimes Acupressure is called "Acupuncture without needles".

Thai bodywork, sometimes called "passive Yoga", is the cousin sister of Acupressure and Acupuncture.

Knowledge of Trigger Points comes right out of Western medical research. Most of what is known about trigger points is very well documented in the two volume medical text, "Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual", by Janet Travell, M.D. and David Simons, M.D. These books contain literally all there is to know about trigger points.

Why do we use Shiatsu and Trigger Point Therapy together in the treatments?

Meditation is offered as a complementary therapy in our treatments. Meditation can be a valuable healing tool.

Here at Shiatsu therapy Plus+, we provide Mineral Hair Analysis test that comes with graphical report and explanations on your nutritional imbalances; recommendations on Diet and Vitamin and Mineral supplements. Many our clients were able to heal better using the information supplied by Mineral Hair Analysis.

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