Thai Bodywork
Sometimes called "passive Yoga", is the cousin sister of Acupressure and Acupuncture

Thai massage is a bodywork that incorporates unique stretching technique.

In Thai medical theory the body's vital life energy flows along channels called Sen. This energy powers all the physical, mental and emotional processes which will only function properly when energy supply matches the demand.

Any imbalance or blockage in the distribution of the energy can cause pain and disease. When the system is working well and energy distribution is balanced, you feel happy, relaxed, energetic.

Thai bodywork is renewed for body manipulations.

These are designed to stretch every accessible muscle just a little more than it would normally be stretched under the action of strongly contracting antagonistic muscles.

In the process, all the principal joints are likewise moved just a little more than when they are operating under their own muscles power.

On the physical level it promotes great flexibility to the joints and restores tension free body.

Simultaneously, Thai bodywork can give a sublimely rhythmical workout that provides a relaxed state in which excessive worry and frustrations seem to evaporate away.

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