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Here are some of the benefits of Shiatsu sessions that our Patients kindly share through their feedback: I've learned to live with the stress that little by little accumulated in me and took happiness out of my life and sparkle from my eyes. I started to look and feel old and tiered. After several sessions of Shiatsu for Emotional Health I became Me again - happy and full of life. Thank you, Lucy!!!
Elena T., Holland PA

My son (now 11 years-old) acquired a minor nerve tick; it was like he would do some strange pulling motion with his head, like something was bothering his neck and shoulders. It became more and more noticeable and bothered him a great deal. But before I would attack him with the modern chemical help, I preferred a more natural way and I brought my son to the shiatsu practitioner - Lucy Goldstein. This was not an ordinary massage you would get in any medical office? She was very approachable and researched the possible cause of this disorder. She prescribed and showed him some simple exercises he would have to do at home and, of course, eased his muscle jam with the pin-pointed shiatsu method. Things did not change as with the magic wand, but in a couple of sessions + home work :) my son is now on his way to being healthy and happy.
AnnaLuisa P., Warminster PA

I found Lucy Goldstein when I was in the early months of my pregnancy. I was having terrible morning sickness and I had tried everything. I read an article saying that shiatsu therapy could help. Boy did it, my morning sickness was so much more tolerable with my sessions with Lucy. I continued with my sessions through out my pregnancy and after. She has such an immense knowledge of the body and how to best treat every problem from pain to stress and even helped with my sinuses. She is great at giving tidbits on nutrition and always willing to give you information to take home and try. My general knowledge of the body and its functions has grown in the time I have been a client. She is truly gifted at the shiatsu craft she has mastered.
Heather G., Bensalem

Lucy is an excellent practitioner of Acupressure and massage therapy and is very knowledgeable. She is pleasant, professional, and reliable. After having had multiple sessions with her, I can say that the specific muscle aches that I have had have cleared up and I am able to be pain-free, in my case. Lucy has recommended specific stretching exercises that have also helped. if you are interested in a thoroughly professional, educated, and effective Shiatsu therapist, I would highly recommend Lucy.
Mark R., Langhorne

Rejuvenated, energized and happier - That exactly how I would describe how I felt after shiatsu session with Lucy! I was a bit skeptical to begin with, but now? I am true believer. I felt great positive effect during very first appointment. The effect of acupressure was gentle and very deep. I like it far better than a regular massage. It was very positive experience. And Lucy was very prompt and was able to accommodate my busy schedule. I would definitely be back and I would recommend this shiatsu practice to all my friends.
Marina K., Richboro PA

I often had headaches and problems with my neck. When I was sitting in a car I needed support for my neck. After the first two sessions with Lucy I felt much better. She did what she called a passive adjustment on cervical vertebras and gave me exercises to maintain positive changes that happened during treatments. My neck feels much stronger, headaches are very rare now. I really appreciate having exercises on my hands as I feel pretty confident that I have some control of the problems if they occur.
Sophia G., Holland, PA

I have problems with my lower back. I get tired easily in this region. I had a serious surgery a couple of years ago and as a result I have a big scar running across the abdominal area. Lucy explained to me that my lower back problems could be originating from the scar tissue. Bound up scar tissue was pulling my hip out of alignment. She performed fascia work on me. I feel much more comfortable in my lower back now.
Penny T., Doylestown, PA

My shoulders were giving me a lot of problems plus my mood is not always that sunny. Every treatment with Lucy brings a nice balance to my mood. My shoulders evened out and do not bother me as much any more. Lucy also suggested exercises for my shoulders and recommended that I do them on a daily basis. These exercises in conjunction with treatment helped me a lot. Now I feel very good mentally and physically.
Betty L., Pipersville, PA

In general I am a healthy person, without big concerns or problems. When I was younger I was a dancer, and now I feel that my body loses its flexibility. Lucy works on me by applying acupressure and a wide variety of stretches. I'm 82 years old but feel like 65. After Shiatsu sessions I feel like I'm 60! Lucy has strong and steady pressure. At first, I could not believe that such a tiny person could perform such powerful bodywork! Great job!
Jim K., Bedminster, PA

***Please note: most of our testimonials are taken from City Search reviews for "Shiatsu Healing" ("Shiatsu Therapy Plus" is the new name of our business).

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