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Lucy Goldstein, Shiatsu Practitioner & Evgeni Kalendarov, Thai Massage Bodyworker and Personal Trainer; who provide treatments for Pain Relief, Balancing Blood Pressure, Pregnancy Discomforts, Preventive Care for general Well-being here at Shiatsu Therapy Plus+ in Bucks County, PA.

A Personal Note From Lucy Goldstein, Certified Shiatsu Practitioner:

Lucy Goldstein Shiatsu Massage

I received my Masters in Thermo-Physical Engineering and Applied Mathematics at the Academy of Cryogenic Technologies in the Ukraine.

For years I worked as a programmer: in Ukraine and then here, in Philadelphia, to where I moved about 15 years ago.

I always was interested in Alternative Healing techniques - from meditation to healing with herbs to Acupressure.

Acupressure ( Shiatsu) was always intriguing to me.

How is it that pressing particular points in specific order can have a strong affect on your body? Your mood? Your level of pain tolerance? Clarity of your thoughts? I bought my first book on Shiatsu more than 20 years ago.

My first amateur application of Shiatsu happened about 19 years ago during my labor. I was pressing the pain relief points I learned from that book. It helped tremendously through the natural birth.

Then, when my son would get sick I always looked up what points my "Shiatsu book" recommended in every particular case. The results always impressed me.

When I moved to US, living here in Philadelphia area, I lived my regular life working as a programmer.

Until one day I Googled up "Shiatsu near Philadelphia" and found website of International School of Shiatsu here in Doylestown.

I did not realize it right away, but in retrospect I can tell, since that moment my life has changed. I found my true calling.

I enrolled in Shiatsu Practitioner Courses in year of 2000. When I completed the program, I started my private practice.

In the beginning, it was just a part - time job. Little by little my programming job started feeling completely meaningless comparing to Shiatsu Practice.

It was a time for change.

Now Shiatsu practice is my full time job - the job that brings me feeling of great fulfillment and satisfaction.

My resume:

A Personal Note From Evgeny Kalendarov, Thai Massage Practitioner, Cert. Personal Trainer:

........IS COMING SOON........... Thai Stretch