Shiatsu and Trigger Points Therapy
As a Natural Pain Relief

Learn how Shiatsu ( Acupressure ) and Trigger Points Therapy can set you Pain-Free and enhance the sense of Well-Being

When we are in pain our life in all its huge complexity shrivels to a very little circle. All its colors fade out to leave a grayish depressing landscape... We do not have strength and will to do things that we have to do. Not to mention things that we wanted to do. We do not want anything but this pain to disappear.

It would be so good to find a solution to quickly fix the problem, to stop the pain right away. And while there are justified cases for the use of non-conservative means, contemporary conventional medicine is too often too quick to shelter us from pain with all the painkillers, cortisone injections, analgesics and anesthetics, variety of topical anesthetic applications, muscle relaxants and surgical procedures.

Pain is the last reserve for our body to communicate the problem to us. The thing is ... nobody taught us how to listen to our body. So most of us do not. Until our body starts shouting at us through the pain. And even then, many of us use painkillers to simply suppress the uncomfortable sensations.

What is the alternative?

Shiatsu Therapy Plus+ offers Natural Approach in dealings with PAIN. Used as alternative or as complementary therapy, it will help you to move toward healthier, balanced and pain-free living.

Trigger Points Therapy and knowledge of Myofasial pain patterns gives us indispensable information about our body. Experience of the Trigger Points Therapy treatment will heighten your body awareness, will make you a bit savvier about your own muscles.

Shiatsu adds insights into understanding of the nature of pain. Armored with Chinese Medical Theory, it helps to answer questions which are important for successful treatment:
  • What is the root of the pain?
  • Is it an inherited condition caused by an initially low energy level which was inherited from our parents?
  • Does it have an emotional origin buried deep inside?
  • Does pain suggest any nutritional imbalance?
  • Or is pain an indication of how we live our life?

Besides sharp theoretical base, Shiatsu brings unparalleled nurturing and integrative component to the treatment.

Having the advantage of using both, Trigger Points and Shiatsu allows us to bring you not only relief from existing painful conditions...

It also lets you feel your body in the new, more connected way.

You will become more aware of how you move, how everything in your body is interconnected, and eventually, you will have a much better understanding of yourself.

Here is the list of some painful conditions that could be changed for the better :

Headache Migraine Upper Back Pain
TMJ PainSinusitisLower Back Pain
Neck PainElbow PainSciatica Pain
Shoulder PainChronic Pain SyndromeAbdominal Pain (during periods or pregnancy )
Hip PainKnee PainScoliosis

*This site is still in development and if you cannot find a treatment description for specific condition, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with detailed information.

Of course, it will take different time to get positive results for each particular case. The degree of change in clients' condition will vary as well.

It is very often the case, when during the treatment of one particular problem clients report that other problems have disappeared.

Very often the clients never even mentioned that other problems to us.

The reason for the other ailments to disappear along with the main discomfort is that Shiatsu is one of the therapies that do not work on "fixing" only one particular problem.

"Shiatsu Therapy Plus+" works with human body in all its complexity, not only with symptoms of the problem. Shiatsu ( Acupressure ) and Trigger Points Therapy works with imbalances on all different levels of our functioning - physical, mental and emotional. As a result, it leads us to the experience of balance, well-being and self-awareness.

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