Neck Pain: Shiatsu ( Acupressure) and Trigger Points Therapy for Neck Pain Treatment

Definitions and Information.

Neck carries the heaviest part of our body - the head.

Weight of an adult human head is 9.9 to 11 pounds on average. That is about 8% of the whole body mass.

This is why neck muscles are so sensitive to the postural misbalances. And that is why we so easily develop Trigger Points in this area. Any overwork of these muscles or trauma will easily aggravate already existing problem.

Our posture... Modern life is extremely fast paced. Most of the time we are pushed to run ahead of ourselves. And our posture is silent proof of it. Our thoughts are often caught in the future. And we are losing connection with our body, entirely residing in the head. Let's go downstairs... After all we are not only thinking heads and our neck pain is the best evidence to it.

We are all aware about benefits of a good posture.

But it is really counterproductive to try to straighten up our neck by pushing against muscles that already developed Trigger Points. Muscles that are already affected by Trigger Points have restricted range of motion as they function in state of constant contraction.

In contrast, muscles on the opposite side are overly relaxed and need to be strengthened to be able to provide an adequate support.

Here is the list of problems that can result in neck pain:

Natural Approach.

  • Shiatsu ( Acupressure ) and Trigger Points Therapy are very helpful with pain caused by arthritis.

    Often arthritis pain is altered by pain originated from Trigger Points. In some cases Trigger Points mimic arthritis pain that leads to mistakes in diagnosis.

  • Shiatsu ( Acupressure ) can be a great choice for complementary therapy in correcting hormonal misbalances.

  • Shiatsu ( Acupressure ) is not recommended in case of lymph node problems. The best choice in this case would be light and delicate touch of Lymphatic Massage.

  • Shiatsu ( Acupressure ) and Trigger Point Therapy are indispensable in treating after trauma conditions, as well as cases of overuse and over-strain of muscles.

  • When neck pain is activated by stenosis or herniated discs Shiatsu ( Acupressure ) and Trigger Points Therapy along with appropriate exercise routine is one of validated option to deal with condition. Along with Structural work Shiatsu provides natural pain relief through the means of specific acupressure points.

"Shiatsu Therapy Plus +" Treatment Protocol:

  • Checking structural misbalances in hips and spine is the standard starting point in "Shiatsu Therapy Plus +" protocol for treating painful muscular-skeletal conditions. Hips are the base of spine and its balance greatly influences the balance of all parts of the spine - Lumbar (Lower Back), Thoracic (Middle Back) and Cervical (Neck)
  • Muscular misbalance will be worked through the means of Trigger Points. There is always a great amount of trigger points in muscles of the neck. Because neck plays big role in our posture every little misbalance in the posture will create tension in the neck.
  • Meridian work (acupressure) will be applied. As trigger points and acupressure points have 95% to 98% of correspondence, we will work along the meridians where the trigger points were located. We will use Oriental Medical Theory analysis as well for evaluating appropriate meridians to work on.
  • In some cases we will use fascia releases as well. As painful neck condition very often result from our reaction to stress.
  • Sometimes Shiatsu ( Acupressure) techniques and points combinations will be used to work on the emotional aspect of condition.
  • Dietary recommendations according to Chinese Medical Theory will be provided in cases of arthritis or if requested otherwise.
  • Exercises for balancing the muscles will be provided.
  • Self-awareness techniques maybe used during the treatment and/or suggested as a part of self care routine.

"Shiatsu Therapy Plus +" successfully uses acupressure and trigger points therapy to alleviate neck pain. Usually it is very beneficial for treating many conditions that result in neck pain. With acute stress related conditions you will feel the difference in 1 - 2 treatments. Chronic conditions will take longer time to treat. In case of chronic condition it is recommended to take first 5 weekly treatments and then continue with biweekly (or every 3 week) treatments as needed.

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