What is Shiatsu? Shi - `a - Tsu is a Japanese word meaning "finger pressure".

Shiatsu holds its theoretical ground in Oriental Medical Theory. Sometimes Acupressure is called "Acupuncture without needles".

It is believed that energy ("Qi") circulates through out the body and forms well-defined passageways called Meridians. Along the meridians are points called Tsubo translated as "gathering of electromagnetic energy".

In other words, tsubos are places where energy is particularly active and easily accessed.

Scientific research shows that meridians and tsubos are intrinsically connected with the body's internal organs and systems.

When imbalance builds up in the body, it is transferred to meridians and tsubos by means of fascia and the nervous system.

Acupressure works through means of thumb and palm pressure, stretches and limb manipulations.

The effect of the treatment may manifest in the recipient feeling lighter, more balanced and energized. Body aches and pains, headaches, mood swings, stuffiness, tingling, back pain and sluggishness in the working of body organs and systems often disappears.

At the same time, Shiatsu, which affects the body and mind on a deep level of the functioning of the parasympathetic nervous system, will give the gift of deeper and restful sleep, clearer thinking and profound concentration.

Brief History of Shiatsu

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