Shiatsu Therapy Plus+ offers Hair Mineral Analysis

At Shiatsu Therapy Plus+ we employ Hair Mineral Analysis to better assist our clients with wide range of conditions. Some of them are: muscles cramps, headache, gallbladder stones prevention, PMS, irritability, depression.

Hair mineral test has long been accepted as a routine test for nutritional and toxic metal screening.

It has been used extensively for nutritional studies in humans and animals.

For over 30 years nutritionists, dietitians, and doctors who are concerned about their patients' nutritional status incorporate hair mineral analysis in their practice as a routine evaluation and screening tool.

Hair is an ideal tissue for nutritional and toxic metal assessment for several reasons.

Testing metals in the urine only measures the minerals that are being excreted. The blood gives an indication of the minerals that are absorbed and temporarily in circulation before they are excreted and/or sequestered into storage depots. Blood and urine testing gives an indication of the mineral status of the body only at a specific time.

On the other hand, mineral concentrations, found in the hair, represent long-term (about 2 month) intake or exposure making it more useful for nutritional studies.

Nutritional imbalances are a major problem in today's society.

How nutritional imbalances develop:
  • We all know that the nutritional content of food depends on environmental factors. Pollutants in the air, water and food affect our nutritional balance.
  • Medication we have taken over the years influence our body chemistry.
  • Additional considerations include genetic factors such as metabolic type and inherited misbalances.

All these factors determine your nutritional needs. In this respect, taking even purest quality multivitamins in many cases will support already existing nutritional misbalance.

Not only can individual deficiencies and excesses be seen in a hair mineral analysis, but also the many interrelationships between elements can be viewed and interpreted through a single sample.

Laboratory report consists of:

  • Evaluation of nutritional mineral levels, their interrelations, information on heavy metals.
  • Your metabolic type categorization.
  • Dietary guidelines.
  • List of suggested food that will improve your conditions.
  • List of food recommended avoiding for improving your nutritional imbalances.
  • List of recommended supplements.

Mineral Hair Analysis report is comprehensive report complete with graphs and accompanying explanations and recommendations for you.

How to order the report:
Please go to "Contact" page and send us a request. We will send you a detailed information promptly.

Test accuracy:

We provide Hair Mineral Analysis through Trace Elements Inc. laboratory.

Trace Elements Inc. mineral testing of the hair is accurate and reproducible, when the hair is properly sampled and submitted for analysis.

The laboratory instruments and equipment in use by Trace Elements are state-of-the-art in the industry. As in most technically advanced labs, all instruments are controlled by computers with highly sophisticated programs for quantitative analysis. Trace Elements Inc. utilizes ICP-Mass Spectrometry for the analysis of all reported minerals.

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